Happy Wheels

Choose your character to finish Happy Wheels

Rich in terms of choice of characters (more funny than the others), Happy Wheels could be played only with five of them. We will give you here the advantages to choose one character compared to another and for which levels it is the most suitable.

The irresponsible father. The best character for levels where endurance is needed. It keeps well balanced and can fly with its bike (simply tap the left and right arrow keys quickly and successively while holding down the up arrow).

The segway driver. To take for the races is the fastest character. However, it should not be selected for the levels where the obstacles are too numerous because it is also the weakest character.

The old man on a wheelchair. The coolest character in the game but also the least obvious to handle. To recruit only on race levels. Use its boosts to give you speed.

The man with the lawnmower. It is indestructible and does a lot of damage. Ideal for levels where there are many obstacles (or characters to crush).

The man on a cane with spring. As weak as the segway driver, it is the character who jumps the highest. A must for the levels where the obstacles seem to occupy the entire screen.

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